basslines boom, out of car speakers

the vibration looms

as the orchestra deepens

-Excerpt from “Inglewood Symphony” commisioned by the MTA for the K line





J. Malaika Beckford//Eagle Nebula

My Canvas

I specialize in community based poetry and poetry projects for public art.

While I've been trained to write in different mediums, I use my foundation as a poet to capture, highlight and memorialize the urban mundane in my hometown of Inglewood, South Central LA and beyond. The goal of my work is to say to the world, we are here! We are beautiful!

My journey

Commisions and Artist Residencies

  • June Jordan Scholar in Poetry, Pan African Literary Forum, Ghana, West Africa
  • Co-Host Anansi Writers Workshop at The World Stage
  • I-GAP: Inglewood Growing Artists Project creator
  • Love and Hip-Hop Woman King Promo Poem
  • Metro K-Line “Inglewood Symphony”
  • Creator of The Inglewood Poetry Project

Pubilications and


  • Cabinet of Wonders public art installation(poetry exerpt featured)
  • “Sweet City” featured on Inglewood Public Art website
  • “Funky Tube to Nubia” poetry manuscript (World Stage Press)
  • One Woman Show “90s Hip-Hop Raised Me” Premier at Hollywoor Fringe Festival, winner of Hollywood Producers Encore Award

Sample Works

Sweet City

The Inglewood Poetry Project

Poem commision, Vinyl sound recording, community anthology

Year: 2014

Kanye Shrug

The Funky Tube to Nubia

Poetry Manuscript; World Stage Press

Year: 2016

Abstract Painting

Inglewood Symphony

Fairview Heights station dedication

Metro K line commision

Year: 2022


Number 40 bus

a caterpillar on skates

floats through lanes and time travels

Excerpt from the poem #40 bus written for The Inglewood Poetry Project

Poetry - dictionary definition highlighted
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Two slots per month

In order to ensure quality and to be able to give my clients as much attention as possible, I only open two slots for commissions every month.

contact me


malaikathejules at gmail dot com

Commission Timeline

Pricing and timeline will also depend on the specificity of the commissioned work. Feel free to message me for inquiries.

Book a workshop

Bring a poetry workshop to your school, organization or community space. I can facilitate Small groups to large, single sessions to multiple meetings resulting in a variety of desired outcomes. Learn the craft of poetry for new and seasoned writers.